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CoE Projects - No.9

Title: National Response Plan in Lebanon for CBRN Events.

Target area: Lebanon

Total estimated cost: 160,000 euro

Project Duration: 24 months

Starting date: 1/1/2013

Domain: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

Project Implementer: Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie


  1. Undertake a review of the Emergency Response Organization present within other countries such as the EU, USA and Japan to extract the most suitable and pertinent elements and modify it in order to fit within the Lebanese context.

  2. Identification and prioritization of SOP procedures critical for the operation of the CBRN Emergency Control Centre.

  3. Assistance in the setting up of table top exercises for a simulated CBRN incident.

  4. Discussion and advice on how to prepare for a live field exercise for a simulated CBRN incident.

  5. Assistance in the modeling of prevailing winds from a leak from the Dimonah Nuclear Reactor and hence the radius of evacuation in Lebanon.

  6. Advise on setting up an emergency field hospital following a CBRN incident

Main Activities:

  • The National Response Plan is now complete in draft format, and represents a multi-agency plan to facilitate coordination between most agencies involved in response to CBRN events. The drafting committee responsible for the drafting the plan would benefit from a visit to a national CBRN Emergency Control Centre and a leading CBRN response agency to discuss the following issues.

  • Main topics that should be addressed in any such plan, and the associated level of detail.

  • SOPs of the Emergency Control Centre and the administrative divisions and tasks of the various units within it and the corresponding response field units.

  • The main steps and methodology in the preparation of various field scenarios for training purposes.

  • The main elements for developing of a detailed field scenario for training on responding to a nuclear technological disaster in an adjacent country (including such a scenario which may have been triggered by a natural disaster).

  • A list of equipment that is needed for the CBRN Emergency Control Centre.

  • A list of necessary equipment needed for the safe and effective operation of the field units tasked with responding to CBRN events.

  • Radius of Evacuation Scenario for Nuclear Technological Disasters. Currently there are no guidelines in use within the country regarding the radius for evacuation. Assistance is needed to identify which tools and methods are available to assess the worst-case scenario of leakage from the Dimonah nuclear reactor and as a result, together with worst-case wind speeds and directions, develop target evacuation periods and evacuation zones throughout Lebanon.

  • Identification and Prioritization of SOP procedures critical for the operation of a CBRN Emergency Control Centre.

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