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The CBRN National Team is one of the key elements for the successful development and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated national CBRN policy. The CBRN National Team acts as a coordination and information-sharing mechanism between the different national institutions (e.g. ministries, agencies, research centres, universities etc.) involved at various levels in CBRN risk mitigation. Furthermore, the NT plays a crucial role in coordinating and cooperating with the CBRN CoE Initiative and other CBRN risk mitigation efforts at the regional and international level.  The main mission of this team is to:

  • Identify and assess needs in the CBRN field at the national level;

  • Analyze and set priorities among the identified gaps;

  • Participate in the drafting of a CBRN National Action Plan;

  • Disseminate and collect relevant information among national stakeholders;

  • Assess and review the effectiveness of national response plans, guidelines and procedures;

  • Draft tailored project proposals to be submitted to the CoE Regional Secretariat;

  • Identify national CBRN experts and national agencies or academia that can participate in the implementation of the the actions to mitigate CBRN risks;

  • Coordinate cooperation in regional/international initiatives;

  • Assess the adequateness of the national legal framework in the CBRN field and propose potential amendments to relevant laws and regulations;

  • Facilitate the implementation of inter-agency projects, in particular those within the framework of the CoE Initiative.

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