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Below is the list of CBRN related Legal Texts in different ministries and administrations:

Lebanese Customs Administration

Internal Memo to confront terrorism and attempts to thwart the smuggling of related items to Lebanon

Ministry of Agriculture

Regulating the registration of medicines imported or prepared in Lebanon
Regulations on production, sale, and use of Chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers)
Definition of technical and special specs for the production, sale and use of chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers)
Prevention of the sale of agricultural toxic drugs and insecticides in unauthorized stores

Ministry of Environment

Environmental Compliance for Establishments
Conservation of the environment against pollution from hazardous wastes and materials
Regulating the imports of wastes to Lebanon
The formation of a permanent committee to manage environmental compliance system at the Ministry of Environment
List of engineering and consulting companies at the CDR qualified for conducting environmental studies
The Essentials for Environmental Impact Assessment

Ministry of Industry

The establishment of a national body to implement Lebanon's obligations towards the Chemical Weapons Convention
Classification of dangerous and harmful institutions
Classification of Industrial Institutions

Ministry of Labor

Organizing prevention, health and occupational safety in all institutions subject to Lebanese Labor Law

General Legal Texts

Law 530 related to the conditions for registering, importing, marketing and classification of medicines
Clarification on specific vaccination tasks and distribution of vaccines
The organization of processing, refining, packaging and sale of bottled drinking water
Organizing the files related to importers of  non-therapeutic fragrances and shampoo and other cosmetics
Organizing the registration files of medicines
Decree 571 dated 23/10/2008
Legislative Decree for organizing the use of ionizing radiations and protection
Practical Decree for organizing the use of ionizing radiations and protection
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