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CoE Projects - No.26

Title: Prerequisite to strengthening CBRN national legal frameworks
Target area:
Lebanon, Tunisia
Estimated cost:
300,000 euro
24 months
Starting date:
Domain: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
Project Implementer: Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC), UK


  1. Strengthen and enhance national legal systems through the provision of legal support. In particular in the fields of:

  2. Import/export and transhipment controls.

  3. Protection of CBRN material/facilities.

  4. Denying support for CBRN terrorism/misuse.

  5. Investigation/prosecution.

  6. Management of CBRN waste.

  7. Contribute to the compliance with international obligations and the fostering of international consistency in the formulation and application of national law related to CBRN concerns.

Main Activities:

  • Compile and collect data and information on the national legal framework addressing CBRN risk mitigation.

  • Analyse collected materials and conduct detailed assessment of the current state of the art of national legislation and best practices.

  • Issue evaluation reports on the basis of the assessment and analysis, detailing the individual legislative needs of each country


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