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CoE Projects - No.25


Title:Knowledge development and transfer of best practice on bio‐safety/bio‐security/bio‐risk management.
Target area:
Middle East
Total estimated cost:
480,000 euro
Project Duration:
24 months
Starting date:
Domain: Biological

Project Implementer: Universita' degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy


  1. Improve knowledge related to the risk assessment for the deliberate use of biological hazards.

  2. Establish, implement and maintain a bio-risk management system in accordance with the requirements of the Laboratory bio-risk management standard (ISO 15190 CWA 15793). The scope of this laboratory bio-risk management system is to set requirements necessary to control risks associated with the handling or storage and disposal of biological agents and toxins in laboratories and facilities.

  3. Provide for and reinforce the sharing and transfer of best practices on bio-safety/bio-security management.

  4. Develop a sustainable training system applicable to a broad range of countries and government structures.

  5. Assistance in the modeling of prevailing winds from a leak from the Dimonah Nuclear Reactor and hence the radius of evacuation in Lebanon.

  6. Improve regional inter-agency cooperation and harmonize with international bio-safety/bio-security standards.

Main Activities:

  • Identify and select national experts from countries in the region to create an Expert Team to share lessons learnt and best practices on bio-safety/bio-security and bio-risk management.

  • Collect, analyze and identify transferable best practices on bio-safety/bio-security and bio-risk management. Meetings and missions will be organized to facilitate this process.

  • The Expert Team will develop and implement a regional training/mentoring service on bio-risk management standards. The experts will be provided with adequate materials and technical supports for training (including access to Multimedia Platform on CBRN risk mitigation that hosts all tools, exercises and other relevant information).

  • Organise training/mentoring sessions in the region, where the Expert Team will train relevant national experts on bio-risk management standards.

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