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Missions under INSSP

2006: IAEA INSServ Mission
IAEA missions on nuclear security have been hosted since May 2006; the first one was the INSSERV mission conducted between 8 and 13 May 2006. The objectives of this mission were to review the security measures in place, visit relevant facilities and interview officials and technical personnel in order to fulfill the objectives of the mission.

2006: IAEA INSServ Mission (cont.)
In cooperation with the IAEA, an Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP) was then set out with concerned ministries and relevant security systems for maintaining a good nuclear security system in the country.

2007-2011(ongoing): Missions for insuring security of existing sources

2009-2010 (ongoing): IAEA Disused Sources Repatriation Missions

2007-2011: IAEA Physical Protection Missions

Centre Hospitalier du Nord (2007)
Rizk Hospital (2007)
Red Cross-Spears (2011)
Al Makased Hospital (2011)
Hotel Dieu (2011)
Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (in progress)

2009-2010: IAEA Repatriation Missions
Repatriation of 36 cobalt sources from Agricultural Research Center- a mission that was completed in August 2009
Repatriation of a cobalt source from the American University Hospital- a mission that was completed in November 2010
Preparation for repatriation of a cobalt source from Notre Dame de Bon Secours Hospital to be completed end of April 2015 (Packaged so far)

Organizations Usually Involved in Implementing Activities in INSSPs:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Interior
National Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Agency
National Atomic Energy Agency
Ministry of Defense
Customs Agency
Border Protection Agency
Ministry of Public Health
Law Enforcement Agencies
Intelligence Organizations

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